Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker


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Paintball Markers Offer for sale

You could actually locate the paintball markers for sale that you’re trying to find either in land-based establishments or online establishments. But naturally, they are very much available nowadays at on the internet establishments. Among these on the internet shops is Amazon.com. For years now, it has actually been selling various products including paintball pens.

At Amazon, the Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Guns are offer for sale at an affordable price. Exactly what a lot more is, they mostly originate from Smart Parts, Spyder, BT, JT, as well as Tippman, which have actually been preferred producers of paintball markers. One example of paintball markers that you will certainly locate at Amazon.com is JT Stealth Covert Ops Paintball Marker Gun. Obviously it is for sale, however you’ll be stunned to know that it is really one of the very best paintball markers ever before made and also it is available perfect at Amazon.com. It has a 12″ ported barrel with a tactical shadow, several placing rails, a light-weight compact profile, and also a military style optical sight. It can considerably do under some of paintball’s most demanding situations.

There are other paintball pens that you will certainly locate at Amazon. There is the Black Smart Components ION Paintball Marker Gun, the Tippmann US Army Paintball Alpha Black Tactical Version Pen, Dye DAM Assault Matrix, and the sort. At Amazon, you can not quickly determine which to get.

Yet nonetheless, you could additionally visit land-based stores. For sure at these shops, you will certainly also locate the paintball markers offer for sale that you are trying to find.

MacDev Clone GTi Paintball Marker Gun

Are you on a monetary dilemma but you badly need a paintball marker so you can appreciate your sport which happens to be paintball? Well place an end to your issue now, with so many low-cost paintball markers available on the market today, you’ll surely get on your own a paintball pen regardless of just how much your budget plan is.

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Below are several of the a lot of inexpensive paintball markers offered on the marketplace today:

JT Stealth Covert Ops Paintball Marker Weapon
JT Stealth Covert Ops Paintball Pen Gun is just one of the most cost effective paintball markers, it is now at a low price. But in addition to these, it is a fantastic paintball pen which could do under a few of the sport’s most demanding conditions. It has multiple positioning rails, a 12″ ported barrel with a tactical shroud, a light-weight compact profile, and an armed forces design optical sight.

Tippmann United States Army Paintball Alpha Black Tactical Version Marker
Tippmann United States Military Paintball Alpha Black Tactical Edition Pen is additionally one of one of the most budget friendly paintball markers, it likewise now at a low cost. However, more substantial compared to these, it is an excellent paintball pen being available in a sensible army look and with an integrated carry manage, a high-performance 11″ barrel, as well as a removable publication.

Black Smart Components ION Paintball Marker Weapon
Black Smart Components ION Paintball Marker Weapon is likewise among the most budget-friendly paintball pens, it is likewise now at a low price. But greater than being a good alternative when in terms of cost, it is a personalized paintball marker with adjustable trigger, vertical feed neck with Orings, and durable sphere detents.

The paintball makers stated are truly a must-have. They belong of the long list of affordable paintball pens available on the marketplace today.

DLX Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun – Black / Black

DLX Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun - BlackFor 2012, the DLX Luxe paintball weapon functions numerous enhancements consisting of: All brand-new motherboard – The Luxe 2.0 Motherboard benefits from advances in embedded controller innovation to supply more effective and receptive efficiency.

A more reliable “sleep” mode permits the Luxe to keep its battery charge longer in between uses while different voltage regulatory authorities for analog and digital circuits enhance power-on efficiency for longer battery life. Luxe USB User interface Application – This brand-new Windows based software application supplies 3 levels of communication with the Luxe 2.0.

Luxe firmware updates can be flashed into the Luxe 2.0 motherboard without needing to send it in to a Luxe Status Dealership. Utilizing substitution-permutation network based encoding, the Luxe 2.0 depends on NSA top-secret accepted file encryption to make sure that just genuine Luxe software application is loaded by means of the USB connection.

The USB User interface Application showcases bi-directional settings transfer to check out or alter any of the Luxe” s 19 user-adjustable settings with a simple to utilize one-page menu. The USB User interface Application likewise enables the setup of brand-new voice sets into the Luxe 2.0.

All brand-new professional paintball gamer voices – The Luxe 2.0 is set up from the manufacturing facility with the all brand-new Luxe 2.0 default voice along with choose expressions in Spanish, German and Russian, however it doesn” t stop there.

3 of the Luxe 2.0″ s 4 voice banks can be quickly re-flashed with the Luxe USB User interface application. A growing library of full voice sets (not simply choose expressions) in different languages, and the voices of expert paintball gamers like Todd Martinez, Konstantin Fedorov and Patrick Wrobel will certainly be offered quickly at LuxePaintball.com.

Easy gain access to Fire Chamber – The most convenient to preserve luxury paintball marker simply got even much easier! The Luxe power core still supplies the fastest access to bot.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds

2014 DLX LUXE OLED Paintball Marker Gun – Dust White / Dust Black


2014 DLX LUXE OLED Paintball Marker Gun - Dust White Dust BlackNew Characteristic for 3.0 vs 2.0 consist of: OLED Board for simple programs (your luxe still speaks with you now you can quickly see the settings in addition to hearing them!) and a brand-new and better lug case. The remainder of the weapon stays the exact same high quality high efficiency device !!

The DLX Innovation Luxe Paintball Weapon is Smaller sized, lighter and faster are the direction competition paintgun designs have actually been going. The Luxe Paintball Weapon masters all 3. The Luxe design group took speed to heart, however not simply in regards to rate of fire. The Luxe is likewise quicker to keep. Any individual who has X-Ball or 7man experience understands that when the clock is ticking, every additional 2nd invested on upkeep in the pit is running the risk of a charge or surrender.

That’s why in addition to its smooth hose-free design, with extreme brand-new bi-directional regulatory authority ASA and incorporated air grip, all fundamental upkeep can be carried out on the Luxe without devices. If the Luxe anti-chop Vision system or cutting-edge brand-new 23 degree plunger detents require cleaning, just press to eliminate the magnetic quick-latch detent assemblies.

The heart of the Luxe Paintball weapon is its Power Core, an incorporated bolt and valve system that can be totally de-gassed and eliminated from the weapon by merely turning a latch and drawing no devices or dry-firing needed.

If the Power Core is the heart of the Luxe and the Luxe Control Processor is absolutely its brain. The microprocessors that regulate paintguns have actually ended up being much more sophisticated and intricate than when electro pneumatic paintguns made their launching in 1996, however as they have actually supplied more functions, they have actually brought with them a steeper knowing curve for the gamer.

The Luxe Control Processor makes the very same leap in functionality that the mouse offered personal computer users an easy user interface that does not need memorization of intricate blink and beep codes or dip switch settings. An easy-to use 5-way joystick inside the Luxe grip lets gamers browse with its voice menu system. Settings are revealed to the gamer and adjusted in plain English with essential menus and triggers likewise in French, Spanish, German or Russian.

For several years, some populared gamers have actually talked with their weapons – now the Luxe paintball weapon talks back. Exactly what’s even more, parallel processing innovation (numerous microprocessors working concurrently) offers the Luxe the power of speech without compromising a single clock cycle of efficiency.

Speed and efficiency are not the only things that make the Luxe various from other Weapons. Luxe paintball weapon elements are machined in the United States by American employees making use of the most sophisticated production processes offered which is a rarity in today’s paintball market.

The Luxe Paintball Weapon does not roll off of a production line. Rather each Luxe Paintball Weapon is hand developed, checked and adjusted one at a time at DLX Innovation by a Certified Luxe Specialist. Each professional is likewise a knowledgeable expert paintball gamer with the background to understand by feel when a Weapon is in leading kind.

Simple Programs with OLED and Speech Feedback!

While the abilities of the Luxe paintball weapon software application are enormous, gamers do not have to have actually gone to a computer system course at MIT to set it. A five-way joystick micro-controller, integrated with a voice and LED feedback menu system, makes timing change or choosing a league based shooting mode a snap.

There is no have to depend on memorization or to bring a handbook to the field in order to figure out complex blink or beep codes as the Luxe paintball weapon guides the user with its menu system by speaking in plain English, with crucial menu products and triggers likewise in Spanish, French, German or Russian.

High-Speed Cleaning/Maintenance

In the staging pit while the clock is ticking, every 2nd counts, and time lost in cleaning or upkeep can cost a point or even worse, a video game. Popping the contoured release latch on the back is all that is had to de-pressurize the Luxe Power Core and move it from the weapon for quick pull-through cleaning of the body and barrel. No dry-firing or devices are needed.

Absolutely nothing has to be unscrewed. One step which’s it, the bolt and valve are all out and available for assessment and cleaning. The 3 major elements of the Luxe Power Core likewise dismantle for o-ring assessment and lubrication without any devices needed. There are no screws, springs or little parts to lose at the same time. Other paintguns might have a bolt that can be eliminated rapidly, however no other weapon comes anywhere near to the lightning quickly, tool-free field stripping of the bolt, exhaust valve and round detents discovered on the Luxe paintball weapon.

Revolutionary 23 Degree Plunger Detents

Plunger design sphere detents have actually ended up being the requirement for top-end competition weapons due to the fact that they offer an irresistible technique of avoiding double-feeds, even with the aggressive force-feed loaders required for high rates of fire. Previously, weapon designers have actually angled detents at 90 degrees to the bolt, so the bolt needs to scrape versus a rounded edge of the plunger or bearing to press it out of the method.

The Luxe paintball weapon design group has actually angled the sphere detent assemblies of the Luxe at 23 degrees to the bolt, so that the sphere and bolt strike the detent more detailed to the direction it in fact moves. The outcome is long detent life, less pressure on vulnerable paintballs, and smoother operation.

Hose Free Design

The Luxe paintball weapon will certainly never ever lose out on a video game due to harmed or loose hoses – due to the fact that there are no hoses, barbs or hose fittings anywhere. Internal gas passages machined into the grip frame and receiver totally remove the requirement for internal low pressure hoses or perhaps a macroline from the fundamental to the regulatory authority. The Luxe Integrated Air connection permits direct, hose-free mounting of the Luxe fundamental design ASA, or the Integrated Air Micro System.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 7 pounds
  • ASIN: B00JJ4Q6WO

MacDev 2012 Clone GT Paintball Gun – L.E. Purple Camo

MacDev 2012 Clone GT Paintball Gun - L.E. Purple CamoDevelop Quality: The GT is really an enjoyment to hold/shoot. All the stock parts are extremely high quality. You can actually feel the quality in your hands and it does not seem like the frame will certainly flex unless you take a REALLY nasty fall. The ergos are a huge enhancement over previous gen MacDev weapons.

The trigger frame feels wonderful in the hands along with the HPR … it simply feels terrific. The stock trigger does leave a little to be preferred (its not dreadful or impressive) although it is a big enhancement over previous stock causes for MD. The anno is entirely perfect. All the parts match 100 % and the milling is respectable. Although there are milling marks noticeable on some parts of the weapon. The GT simply appears like it indicates company.

Upkeep: The Drive Train is totally tooless. Simply raise the tab on the back and take out the DT. The HPR does need an allen secret to eliminate it however that just has to be touched every 8 cases approximately. There are numerous orings on the DT (20 in all. I think just 2 even more than the DM12) however just 6 approximately have any rubbing put on them. If you have half a brain you can maintain/trouble shoot the GT.

Dependability: Something I see a great deal of individuals stating is that the Clone line has dependability problems. Ive been utilizing MD spoolies because the Android came out in 2008. Ive shot numerous Clones (V2 and VX) and have actually not had any dependability concerns what-so-ever. As long as you care for the Clone it will certainly never ever let you down. Simply due to the fact that it has 20 orings on the DT DOES N’T make it undependable.

Balance: The GT feels effectively stabilized in the hands. It is extremely simple to manuver with on the field. It never ever seems like the center of balance is off. Super simple to snapshoot with. The GT seems like a gunfighters weapon.

Smoothness: I regularly get discuss how smooth it shoots from other gamers … numerous of them are Luxe owners. The GT is virtually on par with the Luxe in this classification. It is definitely smoother than any of the Geos Ive shot.

Quiet: The GT is a really peaceful weapon. It is on par with all the other high-end spoolies out today.

Reliable: The GT is a REALLY effective spoolie. 9-10 shucks from a 68/45 from the box! The GT is king of capital in this location. As soon as broken in I expect a minimum of another hull or more from it.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 8 pounds
  • ASIN: B009VKX5Y8

T68 M4 Carbine SOPMOD Alpha Package

T68 M4 Carbine SOPMOD Alpha PackageThis T68 SOPMOD Plan features all the parts below for you to develop your very own production – even more than 1000 setups. Not you are expecteded to the usual marker – with this T68 SOPMOD Bundle each time you play you can have entire brand-new marker.

Plan Consists of:

- 1 x T68 Tactical.
- 1 x Blade Holographic Red Dot Scope.
- 1 x Samurai 30mm AP Red Dot Scope.
- 1 x Tactical 9×32 Sniper Scope.
- 1 x LETS Red Dot 1×46 Scope.
- 1 x Sidewinder Scope Mount.
- 1 x Back Adjustable Flip Up Sight.
- 1 x Tactical Back Sight.
- 1 x M4 Bring Handle.
- 1 x T68 Paintball Weapon Publication Upgrade Kit.
- 2 x T68 Paintball Weapon 20 Round Publications.
- 1 x T68 Split Fire Dual Feed Adapter.
- 1 x Tactical RIS Handguards (7/8th Inch Size).
- 1 x Tactical RIS Handguards (1 Inch Size).
- 1 x Punisher Integrated Barrel Rail.
- 1 x Samurai Integrated Flip In advance Sight.
- 1 x RIS Bipod.
- 1 x 7/8th Inch Size 6 Inch Reconnaissance Barrel.
- 1 x 7/8th Inch Size 8 Inch Reconnaissance Barrel.
- 1 x 7/8th Inch Size 10 Inch Reconnaissance Barrel.
- 1 x 12 Inch Raptor Barrel.
- 1 x 14 Inch Raptor Barrel.
- 1 x 16 Inch Raptor Barrel.
- 1 x 18 Inch Raptor Barrel.
- 1 x Strong Remote Line Adapter.
- 1 x T68 M4 Carbine Buttstock.
- 1 x 5oz CO2 Air Tank.
- 1 x T68 HPA 3000psi Compressed Air Tank.
- 1 x T68 5oz / 3000psi Tank Buttstock.
- 1 x T68 5oz / 3000psi Buttstock Guide.
- 1 x M4 Bird Cage Muzzle Brake (.68).
- 1 x M4 Muzzle Brake (.68).
- 1 x RIS Muzzle Brake (.68).
- 1 x RIS Vertical Grip (Black).
- 1 x Vertical RIS Folding Grip.
- 1 x Tactical Sling.
- 1 x MK23 Silencer.
- 1 x Unique Ops Thread-On Silencer.
- 1 x M4 Carbine Handguard Full Kit.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 50 pounds
  • ASIN: B003BM5HO8

Dye Precision NT Paintball Marker

Dye Precision NT Paintball MarkerPresenting the 2010 DYE NT, an innovative innovation break with in air use performance, precision efficiency and trendy design.

The NT is not just the most air effective and precise paintball weapon Dye has actually ever produced, it is likewise the lightest and most compact in its classification. Continuing with Dye’s well-known trademarked spool valve design, the brand-new NT Boost Bolt design is the utmost improvement of next generation spool valve innovation.

After numerous years in development, the NT sets a brand-new efficiency requirement for all high-end paintball markers to aim. Basically, the very best simply improved. The Boost Bolt system is supported by an upgraded motherboard with faster processing supplying even more precise ROF control.

Convenience and stability is ensured with the 2nd generation Patented Ultralight grip frame design, offering better trigger modification, brand-new maintained switch system, and an upgraded battery mounting system. This grip frame mix is quickly accessed with a brand-new very first for the market, complete wrap-around, tool-less sticky grip design.

Mounted to the bottom of the UL frame is the brand-new UL airport that runs with a basic easy turn, low profile knob that enables forward positioning for optimum convenience.01 ULTRALITE BARREL The market requirement for precision, the NT comes stock with the Ultralite 14 inch barrel.

  • A lot of technically sophisticated marker on the market-weighs just 1.6 pounds!
  • Super low operating pressure of 130 psi enables you to skyrocket to 15-1700 shots per tank (68ci/4500psi).
  • Patent pending “Enhance Forward” innovation assists keep paint from breaking in the bore, and assists take full advantage of air effectiveness.
  • The most user controlled paintball weapon ever. Total control over all significant marker functions permit you to tailor your weapon to your requirements.

Product Details

Color: Wave Yellow
  • Shipping Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B002Q53C5M
  • Item model number: 30939935

Planet Eclipse GEO 3.5 Paintball Marker Gun – Dynasty Dragon

Planet Eclipse GEO 3.5 Paintball Marker Gun - Dynasty DragonSmooth, peaceful and absolutely ravaging. The Geo 3.5 epitomizes everything that is excellent about a spool valve single tube paintball marker. That it likewise provides remarkable performance and the hallmark World Eclipse virtues of bulletproof dependability and ease of upkeep make it a merely unsurpassable plan.

Now in its 3rd generation, the Geo platform has actually acquired big appeal among competition and woodsball gamers alike. Speedball gamers value the method that the extremely percentage of barrel increase even throughout ramping enables them to remain on target longer even when shooting solitarily throughout fast reloading. And the effectiveness offering them the capability to bring sufficient paint for even the lengthiest of matches.

In the woods, the lightweight of the Geo 3.5 combines with its unbelievably peaceful noise trademark to make it the best friend for those extended durations on the field and for taking those shots when you do not wish to offer your position away.

Inside and externally the Geo 3.5 makes use of the most recent innovations established by our engineers. The Electronic devices are completely adjustable through the onboard backlit LCD display and graphical user interface. Or if you choose, with the optional ePortal kit you can link the Geo 3.5 to your laptop computer or house COMPUTER to adjust specifications, download most current variations of firmware or personalize the graphics on the display.

Mechanically, the Geo 3.5 makes use of a Customized MAC solenoid valve system that drives the bolt system and manages the filling of the shooting chamber. Rather distinctively the speed of the bolt is externally adjustable by means of a dial on the trigger guard. Picking a slower bolt speed lowers shot trademark and recoil leading to a soft, peaceful shot; where a greater bolt speed will certainly enable terrible rates of fire. The Geo 3.5 offers both these choices and a boundless variety in between.

Product Details


Dye DM12 Paintball Gun – PGA Tiger Lime

Dye DM12 Paintball Gun - PGA Tiger LimeDye is happy to present the DM12, the latest and most sophisticated member of our initial series of markers of the renowned DM line. This is the marker that has actually directed the Ironmen and Damage to many titles, and has actually been the foundation of Dyes product for virtually a years.

The DM is not just the most trustworthy, well developed and longest-running marker in Dyes history, however likewise has the ability to shoot the most delicate tournament-grade paint on the marketplace, brings a custom of being amongst the best, quietest, and the majority of precise paintball markers worldwide.

Weve made the DM12 even lighter than its predecessor, and a mix of attempted and real innovation and ingenious brand-new functions really makes this marker The Option of Champs.

  • HYPER3

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • ASIN: B005XR89RQ
  • Item model number: DM12